Control the Lightning

Monitor and manage your node from any browser and any device.

Make Payments

Send and receive both Lightning and On-Chain payments.

Multiple Nodes

Connect to multiple nodes and quickly switch between them.

View-Only Mode

Check the status of your node any time without risk.

AES Encryption

Your Macaroon is AES encrypted with a password only you know.

Open Source

Don't trust anyone. Verify the code yourself.

Manage Channels

Open, close and monitor channel status and liquidity

ThunderHub is integrated into BTCPay so that you can quickly and easily get it running. If you want to add ThunderHub to an existing BTCPay server or want to create one from zero, check out this tutorial.

RaspiBlitz is a great tool to get your own node up and running with a cool display. It also has the possibility of extending it's functionality with multiple other tools. Check out these instructions from @openoms on how to setup ThunderHub.

We are constantly looking to get integrated into more services. If you have any service you would like to see us on, contact us!

Compatible with the latest LND node versions.

Tech Stack

Send and Receive

Send and receive both Lightning and Bitcoin payments in a simple and easy to use interface with both basic and advanced features.

Transaction Reports

Have a quick overview of the invoices coming into your node and payments being made. Check both the amount and value of your transactions. See total amount together with confirmed and unconfirmed invoices.

Channel Management

See all your channels and get a quick preview of how balanced and active they are. Open new channels or close them.

Forwarded Payments

Quick glance at the forwarded payments that have been going through your node. See the incoming and outgoing channels being used.

Night/Day Mode

Prefer working in the dark? We have an awesome night mode just for you. Want it more bright? Got you covered as well.

And much more...

Ready to take control of your Lightning Node?


Open-source lightning node manager to control and monitor your LND node.

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